Huo Siyan, New Star and Fashion Lady

Name: Huo Siyan ( 霍思燕 ) D.O.B.: October 23, 1980 Religion: Buddish Height: 166 CM Weight: 45 KG Measurement: 83-61-82 CM Occupation: acting, modelling Hobbies: dining, swiming, yoga, painting Huo Siyan has been featured in numerous movies and TV series as well as magazines in China since 1999.  She has also won the silver medal in […]

Russian bikini models show

There is a saying that paradise is quite interesting: Take U.S. wages, married Russian wives, live in the British house, eat Chinese food. While this statement may sound humorous, but it reflects the people’s aspirations. Thus, the Russian beauty reputation spread far and wide. Russia “Autoexotics Motor Show” recently held in Yaroslavl, this show in […]

Kim Kardashian&Kris Humphries Honeymoon Photos

To say that this summer league is definitely the happiest man Kris Humphries Nets Titans, who successfully married the Big macho ladies Kardashian, they also began a marriage, romantic love journey.

Eva Huang Venice show Chinese style

September 1, 2011, Italy, local time on August 31, the 68th Venice Film Festival opening. The picture shows the 68th Venice Film Festival red carpet Eva Huang, Raymond Lam, Eva Huang oblique red and yellow dresses, show Chinese style.

The most sexy baby photo Premier League

On Gemma.Mena, may know the name of the fans is not much, but the entertainment in the UK and within football circles, the big names already familiar with or even hot, she is the owner of the cluster by Manchester United Red Devils.

British media election the top 10 underwear baby

Recently, the British media, “Sun” out of the top ten list underwear baby, which the famous David Beckham’s wife Victoria, and England striker Peter Crouch’s tall guys wife Kelan Qian list.

2011 top 10 hot models

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