The Beauty Love 2009 China Lingerie Model Grand Final

On December 6th 2009, the Beauty Love 2009 China Lingerie Model Grand Final was held at Guangxi Television’s 1000 square metre large television and radio hall. A total of 36 models from around the country showed off their stunning figures on the catwalk, dressed in fashionable lingerie amidst fierce competition. In the end, model number […]

Yamamay Lingerie Donna

“The Yamamay silkworm is found in the high hills of inland Japan. Wild by nature, it lives only in oak trees or on cut branches kept green by contact with a source of pure, fresh water. Well-known from the sixteenth century for the quality of the silk produced during its long larval phase (lasting from […]

2009 Campus Beauties in Chinese Universities Ranking

No.10:  (奉奉) of North China University of Technology – She looks just like one of those beauties in novels and RPG games depicting romantic chivalry in ancient China. No.9: An unnamed campus beauty of the HK Science and Technology University – This beautiful woman feels like she’s got both the good looks and the brains […]