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Australian model Spices up the Hapa Modeling Scene

Jessica Gomes is the newest hapa model to grace the pages of Sports Illustrated. She’s an Australian model of Singaporean Chinese and Portuguese heritage. Bet you would’ve never guessed that! And you probably didn’t even realize that she’s the hot girl in Diddy’s controversial Unforgivable video.

Who is Hotter,Minka Kelly or Leighton Meester?

Having trouble telling Minka Kelly apart from Leighton Meester? You’re not the only one. The two sexy and cute starlets are often mistaken for each other, and could probably pass as sisters with their incredibly similar looks. Both Minka (born June 24, 1980) and Leighton (born April 9, 1986) are currently stars of two popular […]

Tokyo Curry Lab

Conceptionalized by Kundo Koyama, the creator of the “Iron Chef” TV show, Tokyo Curry Lab restaurant is based on a concept of creating an innovative lab for experimenting and inventing unique curry recipes. Located in Tokyo’s monumental Tokyo Tower, a “lab” area with colorful spice tubes on display is accompanied by a contemporary dining counter […]

The Secret to Getting Comps in Las Vegas

Don’t you hate it when you’re waiting in the two hour long dinner buffet line at the Bellagio and some so called “VIP” guest strolls right in? I used to hate it as well, until I was the VIP that didn’t have to wait in line or pay for my food. So how did I […]

Ritzy Jupiter Island, Florida

Just a rock throw away from Palm Beach, Florida is a little known 17-mile-long village named Jupiter Island. It’s rated year after year by Forbes as one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States. Not surprisingly since the median home price is $5.6 million. This island plays home to some of America’s […]

2008 Grand New jewelery autumn and winter collection

2008 autumn and winter, the women have prepared for themselves what kind of jewelry accessories, we are here for the beauty of a woman who recommended quarter 10 new jewelry, and let you in the fall and winter in 2008 to become the focus of most attention. Colorful, bold imagination, he is a rich symbol […]

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple’s MacBook Pro line was long overdue for an overhaul, and this morning Apple finally delivered an entirely new MacBook Pro: The powerful new 15-inch MacBook Pro at only 0.95-inches thin and weighing just 5.5 pounds offers ultimate performance and extensive expansion features in a remarkably portable design. Starting at $1,999, the MacBook Pro uses […]

Howard Bach Featured in Men’s Health

I just received my July/August 2008 issue of Men’s Health in the mail this morning. I flipped through it quickly as usual, but something caught my eye that made me do a double take. It was none another than 2005 World Badminton Double’s Champion Howard Bach, featured as one of ten Top American Olympic Athletes. […]

Mix, The Hotel at Mandalay Bay

After a night of clubbing in Las Vegas you’re sure to get hungry, and Mix is the perfect place to satisfy your appetite. Located 64 floors above the Las Vegas Strip atop THEhotel at Mandalay Bay, Mix is a perfect combination of culinary art, cutting edge interior design and ambiance. The restaurant features contemporary and […]