Press Release: "Evian Les Petits" Makes Worldwide Debut in Canada

Today,I’m have received a E-mail from Colleen Uncao: Good afternoon, Below please find a press release announcing the debut of Evian Les Petits, the first premium water product designed for children, available in retail stores across Canada this August. Just in time for the back-to-school season, Evian Les Petits give parents a healthy drink option […]

Nozomi Sasaki's Leisure

Five new photos of Pinky model Nozomi Sasaki – cute Japanese idol. Enjoy!

Meisa Kuroki Like This Music Video

Meisa Kuroki releases her first single, “Like This.” The 20-year-old (born May 28, 1988) JJ Magazine model and actress was born in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

BenQ's MID Aries2 reportedly set for European launch

For those that have actually waited around and saved their heart for BenQ’s MID, we applaud you. Nearly a full year after we initially saw this thing crop up, we’re just now receiving word that a launch is imminent. Finally redubbed MID Aries2 (after simply going by BenQ MID for all these months), this handheld […]

MSI Wind Netbook Love Edition

Just let that name sink in a little. Seriously, we couldn’t make this stuff up. Our main point of contention is the emphasis on netbook love, or is this merely a love edition of the Wind netbook? Questions that need answers, MSI. From what we can tell, the only netbook loving that’s happening here is […]

Lenovo's 8.9-inch S9 netbook

We mentioned it briefly the other day, but just so we’re clear: Lenovo’s S10 (pictured) won’t be alone this fall. The company is also pushing out an 8.9-inch version for a few non-US markets, and dubbing it the S9. According to Digitimes, the S9 will be running an 8GB SSD instead of the 80GB HDD […]

Leah Dizon Release Album – Communication

Since her debut into the Japanese music scene early last year, singer/model Leah Dizon is already planning the release of her sophomore album, Communication!!!. Leah’s second album will include singles Love Paradox and the recently released, Vanilla. Communication!!! will be available in Regular CD-Only edition, which will feature an extended album booklet and also First […]